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Updated: May 29, 2019

Meetings are undeniable aspects of business life. Business people spend most of their time for meetings.

So is it easy to organize meetings and meeting information?


Think, how many times did you find yourself searching for meeting decisions, actions and attendees?

How many times did you request meeting minutes from meeting owner after searching for hours?

Instead of losing time and patience, you can store all information about meetings in one system, make attendees to focus on the meeting and have more efficient results.


* Create the agenda items.

List agenda items before the meeting and avert meeting from drifting to unrelated subjects. If attendees would know what items are going to be discussed, the meeting would end on time and precise decisions would be taken.

* Share documents related to the meeting

Share presentation, contract etc. to be discussed and worked on with attendees.

* Number of the Attendees

Invite minimum number of attendees if it’s possible. Don’t invite people that are unrelated to the meeting agenda.

During Meeting

* Meeting notes

Decide and save meeting notes, decisions and actions. Generate and share meeting minutes quickly at the end of the meeting. Add agenda items created in recent meeting to the parking lot for later meetings’ agendas.


* Track actions

Track actions’ completion that has been given to people and report them. Use iMeetingz for effective and efficient meetings. Save time and money to increase your efficiency.

For more information : www.imeetingz.com

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