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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Every day, numerous meetings are held in each company. At these meetings, strategic issues related to the company's future are discussed, decisions are made and actions are determined. And after? Are these decisions and actions followed? Can they see whether they've happened or not? Or is it being forgotten in the document as meeting notes? Now, we have an assistant in this matter. An application that facilitates meeting management: iMeetingz. iMeetingz is a web-based application that facilitates the recording of meeting notes in a better and easier way and facilitates a much simpler, more modern and more efficient way for meetings. Every job that needs to be done before, during or after the meeting is facilitated through this software. Meeting plans, meeting room to be reserved, inviting the attendees of the meeting, concluding the end of the meeting with the auto-generation of meeting notes and actions taken after the appointment of employees to complete a task ... done.

· What are the BENEFITS Of Meeting Management Software?

It enables us to easily perform the tasks that are required before, during and after the meeting in order to obtain an efficient meeting:

- Formation and sharing of the agenda items before the meeting

- Inviting people to the meeting

- The notes at the time of the meeting

- Record actions and decisions that are taken

- Generating meeting minutes automatically at the end of the meeting

- Sending action of decisions to people and monitoring the situation.

You can increase your productivity by using iMeetingz software. For more information imeetingz.com

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