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iMeetingz Meeting Management with SharePoint

Updated: May 16, 2019

iMeetingz is a  meeting management app for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online that helps teams to boost the productivity of the meetings by allowing them to collaborate before, during, and after a meeting. 

iMeetingz allows teams to create agendas, action items, decisions and notes, as well as tracking progress of action itmes after the meeting – integrating enterprises to increase the productivity and efficiency of their meetings.

Because it was built on SharePoint Server/SharePoint Online, organizations can improve their existing SharePoint or Office365 platform.

Main features:

  • Store meeting related information in a central location

  • Create agenda items

  • Create decisions, action items

  • Ability to manage meeting rooms and reservations

  • Ability to track and report the status of action items

  • Parking lot

  • Easily create meeting minutes

  • Integration with Outlook

Meeting attendees know where to find the information for the past meetings and track the progress of each action item. Every aspect of the meetings recorded and accessible in iMeetingz.

Outlook Add-in provides users to create the meeting from Outlook.

For more details please contact us. imeetingz.com

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