• More Productive by focusing on achieving specified goals and automating simple tasks

  • More Efficient by inviting attendees, simplifying everything from assigning notes, decisions and actions to people

  • Easier Keeping meetings accessible from one place

You can easily manage your meetings 
  • Follow your past and future meetings,

  • You can see the details of your meetings.

Improve your meetings
  • iMeetingz applies information-age technology to dramatically improve every meeting

  • Every participant can see what upcoming meetings are about, as well as prepare and help to shape them

  • Participants also gain access to any files the organizer includes in the invitation and receives information about individual meeting responsibilities

Quickly edit your meetings 
  • Filter your meeting rooms according to their features-Capacity, equipment etc.

  • View availability

  • Schedule

  • Prevent conflict

  • Manage permissions on meetings

  • Create private (VIP) meeting rooms

Create agendas and meeting invitations
  • Determine the agenda items and be ready for the meeting,

  • Identify participants,

  • Determine the type of meeting,

  • Add documents

    You can record your decisions with your agenda items
Assign and manage action items to  increase meeting productivity
  • Action items are easily assigned creating visibility and accountability
  • All action items are visible to all participants and their managers
  • As action items are updated, participants are notified automatically
 Get insights about actions. Reports and meeting minutes can be printed in PDF format.